Almond Cookies


Imagine yourself back in your childhood days. It’s Chinese New Year and you’re about to head out to visit your relatives (or friends for our non-Chinese friends). Now remember how you felt when you started eating the CNY goodies. The warmth of family and the closeness of kin. That’s the nostalgia every bite of our Almond Cookies brings back – the days of our youth in all its innocence.


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Relish the enchanting taste of our Almond Cookies—a symphony of buttery goodness and fragrant almonds. Crisp and nostalgic, each bite echoes with the sweet essence of childhood delights and nutty perfection.

Flour, Oil, Sugar, Almond, Eggs (Optional)

Box: Each Sachet 7gm

10cm x 10cm – 240G

8.5cm x 8.5cm – 200G

6.5cm x 8.5cm – 165G

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