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SOFLLE X SCENTKEW X Leon Lim (August 2022)

For Mid-Autum 2022, SOFLLE embarked on a partnership to create artisanal mooncakes that stand our from the rest of the crowd.

With the help of Leon Lim with his culinary brilliance, Leon the curated the recipe which SOFLLE would take to infuse the edible essential oils provided by doTERRA.

We released three mesmerising sets that ran for a limited time, “Classic Package, “Elegant Package” and Exquisite Package”.

The packages contained our four exclusive flavours, each fused with doTERRA’s essential oils (EO), “Lemon EO and Yuzu”, “Geranium EO and Lychee”, “Peppermint EO with Chocolate” and “Ginger EO with Red Date”.

Enhancing the artistry of this craft, the packaging used to furnish the mooncakes are sleek and classy. Ranging from our chosen turquoise classic box with a matching floral carrier, we took it a step further in our ‘Exquisite’ package and utitlised Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping.