Elsie Leong & Flora Leong

SOFLLE is created to continue my mum’s legacy of traditional cooking and baking recipes since 1996. My mum is multi-talented, she is a successful business woman, a great cook and baker. Her delicious treats has won many fans locally and overseas.

However, with age catching up, she has decided to retire and it pains both me and her fans to see the possible disappearance of these traditional recipes. As such, after having been in the financial industry for 20 years, I decided to take over the reins from my mother and keep these traditional recipes alive by bringing to you SOFLLE.

SOFLLE is a play on the first three letters of my mum’s name “Elsie” and my name “Flora” which represents the continuation of traditional taste by the second generation.

At SOFLLE, we are committed to bringing you better quality bakes using premium and fresh ingredients. With every bite, you and your loved ones will enjoy a taste you will not forget, filled with both tradition and passion.

I want to keep the touch burning and let our customers continue to enjoy my mum’s recipes. My wish is that SOFLLE’s signature bake pineapple tarts and inspired bakes of the 8 treasures can be the products that represents Singapore.

Moving forward, my goal is to empower homemakers, mummys and home-bakers, grow as a community support fellow startups and sole freelancers to grow together. Offering a system, platform and facilities to support their development. This entity is Bakers’ Affair.

We also believe strongly in giving back to society as I myself had fallen in between the cracks before where you are not low enough for the government to offer help nor sufficient enough to support my own medical conditions and requirements outside of insurance hospitalisation coverage, as the cost beyond hospitalisation maybe as much. In such situation, the non-profit associations or foundations maybe able to step in and support in anyway they can. That is why we incorporate (CSR) corporate social responsibility program in our business. We currently contribute to Lupus Association and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital.

During our early days the partners whom have journeyed with us are: